Web design

When we talk about ‘web design’ we immediately think of graphic design or interfaces. That is, what we see when we open a web page in a browser: photos, illustrations, animations, text, titles and so on.

However, web design covers other aspects that are invisible to internet users but are fundamental when it comes to developing and planning web designs that function correctly and achieve their intended purpose.

Information architecture (IA)

This means structuring the content of the website in the optimal and most accessible way, so that it makes sense to the people who will use the future site.

At MONOK, we work hard to make sure that your website is organised in such a way that your content is accessible and clear.


In this case, we mean the search for the ‘easiest’ form for internet users to ‘use the website’ that they’re accessing. Our job is to make web designs that are more effective and easy to use every time.

At MONOK, we create attractive websites that they are accessible to both search engines and their audiences. In that way, we make sure that internet users are interested and stay for long enough to capture their attention until the point that they get in touch with you.

If you wish to make sure that your website doesn’t impede what your visitors’ objectives and that it works well, you might take into account a series of concepts.